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Qs Ranking: Founded:2002 Research Centers Availability:No
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The Arab Open University is an independent, not-for-profit educational institution, and it is one of the branches of the Arab Open University that was launched with funding from the Arab Gulf Program "AGFUND". The other branches are located in Kuwait, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Lebanon, the Kingdom of Bahrain, Sudan, and the Sultanate of Oman. Amman. The Arab Open University adopts a blended learning system between lecturing and integrating technology in the educational process, which is characterized by flexibility in terms of the relevance of the learning process to students' conditions and abilities. The "Misr" branch began in February 2003, and on November 13, 2007, the celebration was held to mark the graduation of the first batch of the Arab Open University, Egypt branch.
The Arab Open University combines traditional "face-to-face" and modern methods based on the Internet. The Arab Open University provides many of the latest and most appropriate educational means for its students, as it adopts an integrated multi-media system, including printed materials, audio tapes, videos, CDs, and online curricula. In addition to all this, educational support is provided by "learning centers" through a special integrated satellite network that includes a group of VSAT host terminals. The educational curriculum at the Arab Open University is based on a mixture of independent studies and scheduled lectures.
The admission criteria for study programs at the Arab Open University are limited to the student submitting an accredited high school diploma. The Arab Open University is also considering accepting intermediate institute graduates who wish to enroll in study programs that qualify them for obtaining a bachelor’s or bachelor’s degree. In addition to all this, the Arab Open University also considers the applications of applicants who have successfully completed some related study programs at recognized higher institutes. 

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