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Avoid plagiarism: Your Quick Guide to Never Plagiarize Again

Avoid plagiarism: Your Quick Guide to Never Plagiarize Again

Weather in you are in the creative, professional, or academic world, plagiarism is a serious issue. When writing an essay, report, or a research paper the main concern is to present unique, or well-cited information.

It is not easy to not plagiarize, especially now since the internet has made it easy for you to find and search any type of information valuable to your piece of writing. It is not easy to read and see valuable and important information that will make a difference in your writing piece and not use it. Life would be a lot easier if we could take other people’s words, ideas, and expressions and use it as if it was our own however, there would be no uniqueness, and nothing would be fair. This is why plagiarizing is refused in writing.

Plagiarism is copying words, expressions, or ideas of someone else and using them as if they were your own without citing them correctly. This explicitly includes duplicating enormous parts or the whole part of another person's work while portraying it is your own work. Replicating little pieces of another person's work and calling it your own is illegal as well, so be careful. Plagiarizing may look like an easy alternative, but it has many downfalls to it. Once you find yourself getting used to the ways to avoid plagiarizing, you will not plagiarize ever again.

Ways to avoid plagiarism

Research the topic well
When you read, research, and have an understanding about the given topic it will be a lot easier for you to express your words and ideas in your own way without having to use anyone else’s ideas. This is a very efficient way to avoid plagiarism. You will find yourself obtaining a lot of information from different sources and connecting them in your own unique style of writing.

Use quotations
When using exact words that are not of your own in your writing piece, make sure to use direct quotations to tell the reader that these words are not yours. Using quotation marks and citing the author is very important to avoid plagiarism.

Use Short quotations
Ensure that you do not cite the entire text you are using. Try to quote a sentence or two and make sure that they are an important part and will make a difference in your writing piece. The shorter the quotation the better, whoever is reading it will have an understanding on why you chose to use that specific part.

Cite every source while you are writing
Citing each source while you are writing is an essential method to avoid plagiarism. This method will help you remember where you got any pieces of information from. It will let your readers know that you acknowledge the work from others, and it will clearly indicate which parts in your writing piece are not based on your own personal ideas.

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