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How to Ace Any Job Interview

How to Ace Any Job Interview

Your impressive resume passed phase one, now it is time for the real deal which is to ace your job interview.

Here are 10 ways that will help you ace your job interview

1. Dress accordingly/appropriately

It does not matter what anyone says, the way you dress in an interview is always the first impression the interviewer judges upon because it is the first thing that they see when they look at you. Try and be as professional as you can, but in the end, it always depends on the type of job it is as well. Wear something appropriate that you would feel confident in. It is always recommended to wear ‘business casual’ for both men and women.

2. Feel confident

In an interview, it is essential to appear to be charismatic while the employer is interviewing you, which happens when you are confident with yourself. The way you talk, appear, dress, answer questions, smile, laugh, all of these should portray your confidence.

3. Research the organization/employer

Whether you are being interviewed for a specific organization or for a sole employer, you need to gather all the information available on that organization or employer to have an understanding on what or who you will be dealing with. In fact, when the interviewer notices that you are caught up on all the information they have to offer, you will be able to satisfy them with your upbeat confidence and relevancy.

4. Review the job description

Before going to any interview, you must review, read, and understand the job description so that you will have an understanding of the job role and when they ask you any questions, you can have a full background.

5. Think about all your questions in advance

When knowing and thinking about all your questions ahead of time that will show the interviewer that you are fully committed and came prepared with questions ahead of time, instead of thinking about what to ask during the interview and seem like you were not fully prepared.

6. Be on time, never keep them waiting

Punctuality is also one of the first impressions. Try not to arrive too early ahead of the scheduled time and never be late
When it comes to job interviews, you need to always be punctual and on time to show that you are respectful and serious.

7. Be honest

Honesty is always called for no matter what the situation is, and it is especially called for in a job interview. You must be honest about your job experiences, qualifications, and most importantly your skills set.
When the employer notices how honest and honorable you are, while they are interviewing you, this will lead you to gain their trust.
Being ethical is crucial when you are an employee or applying to be one. There is no need to lie in an interview. When not wanting to answer a certain question try to be vague as possible instead of lying.

8. Prepare your answer on why they should hire you

A typical question in every interview that will never get old is: “Why should we hire you?”. You must be prepared with a compelling answer to this question. Mastering this will help you score many points. Mention your strengths, what you have to offer them, relevant work experience, your consistency, etc.

9. Practice answering any interview questions

You must think of all the possible interviewing questions you might get asked. This is an important part when trying to ace your job interview because when thinking about all the possible questions, you must come up with very logical and convincing answers. When practicing answering the possible questions, you will not pause and think for a relatively long period of time during the interview, or waste time and will get to the point right away. The interviewer will notice your speed, confidence, and full thought-out answers when answering the questions asked.

10. Prepare yourself for anything

Not all interviews will be a piece of cake, you will need to prepare yourself for anything like unexpected questions and tasks.
By being prepared you will allow you to feel that you are in control, you will feel calmer, and ace the interview!

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