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Simple Rules on How To Write Creatively

Simple Rules on How To Write Creatively

When one is trying to write any sort of piece whether it is a novel, story, poem, essay, or report, the first thing they intend on doing is to think about how they can make their writing style creative. One of the best things about being a creative article is the process of creating

To become an astonishing creative writer, you must have the ability to turn simplistic words and ideas into an inspired, influencing, and appealing manner.

Between time and time, it is crucial to check and think about the quality of your writing. Ask yourself questions like, whether you find your writing to be creative, inspiring, and appealing to the emotions and to the eye. Ask yourself if your main message is expressed in a creative, yet simple manner. When asking yourself all these different questions you will be able to have a clear understanding towards your writing approach.

1. Think before you write
Before starting to write, you must think carefully about what you want to write. There are two different approaches to start a writing process: Think before you write or think while you write. Both processes are right, but when wanting to write creatively you should choose to think before you start writing. It is like the saying “Think before you speak”, they are both the same concept. The thinking process before the writing is an essential part when wanting to write a creative piece. You have your time to process your thoughts, plan your writing out, create an outline, see what would work and what would not.

2. Use your imagination
It is no problem to write about what you know and what you don’t know. When writing about something you don’t know or don’t have enough information about, try to use your imagination to come up with creative ideas to add to your writing piece. Utilize your creative mind to create new circumstances, new characters, new connections, new situations, even new realities. The process of creation needs to be altered by your imagination.

3. Have an open mind
When having an open mind while writing, you are allowing yourself to undertake new and broader creative ideas, instead of just remaining within your comfort zone. When getting out of your comfort zone and opening your mind to new writing ideas, ways, and style you have nothing to lose but lack of experience. Try to do things you never thought about doing before, physical actions can help a person gain creativity when exposed to new environments.

4. Use powerful, creative, and interesting verbs and adjectives
The difference between excellent writing and good writing comes down to word choice in the field of creative writing. With a few nimble substitutions for the more traditional verbs, there are plenty of ways to punch up your copy; descriptive and interesting verbs and adjectives are an excellent place to begin. When considering pacing, the use of descriptive verbs is particularly helpful; active verbs help anchor your writing in the present tense, adding to the exciting, thrilling, dramatic, or gloomy, sound that you may be aiming for.

5. Show rather than tell
While writing, try to show your readers what you are writing rather than just stating it. There are many different writing techniques that allow the reader to imagine what you are writing in their minds.
Use the Pathos, Logos, and Ethos devices to help your writing be more creative.

6. Read your work out loud
An ideal way to hear the sonic effects of your writing and capture awkward repetitive sounds or other unwanted effects is to read your work aloud. Read and make a note of where things seem too sluggish, or dull, in your writing.

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