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Lycee El Horreya School This institution has not verified its data

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Founded:1937 Curriculum:Egyptian,French
Number of Students: Number of Staff: Gender:Mixed Website: Apply for Admissions

Lycée la liberte is one of the ancient schools in Masr El-Gedida, Egypt. The school is founded by the French secular mission and is opened by King Farouk in 1937. It is called then Lycée Francais, like other Lycée Campuses that holds the same name such as, Lycée Alexandria, Lycée Port Said, Lycée Bab El-Louk.

In such School, the subject had been given only in French language, that made the students be confined in manly French and some English students. They also includes other European nationalities migrated to Egypt, in addition to some Egyptians.

Gamal Abd El Nassar, the former president, has nationalized such schools in 1961, after the revolution of 1952. Also, he has made the schools be part of the Egyptian National institutes, making them follow the Egyptian Curriculum. Then, the school's name has been turned into Lycée El-Horreya.
As a result of Nationalization of the schools, they has been under the government supervision according to a department specific in language schools system. Consequently, the financial dependence of the school is mainly on school expenses paid by the parents and the National Institute.

The school includes all the educational levels; the kindergarten, primary, preparatory and secondary school in accordance with Egyptian Educational system.
From the nationalization of the school in 1961 to 2006, the school had been teaching Mathematics in French language; including Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry, in addition to the scientific subjects as; Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

However, the literary and historical subjects and other subjects had been taught in Arabic. In 2006, the English section was opened in which the new students can apply for the first primary, while the section was under foundation, to be continued year by year until it can embrace the rest of educational levels.
Further more Arabic is an obligatory subject to be teached from KGs according to the curriculum of the Ministry of Education in Egypt. On the other hand, the French section provides the students an effective learning to the French language since the first primary, in addition to, a partial dealing with French language in KGs, as being a French School.

The French School Council puts the curriculum for all educational levels and the distributions. That's to achieve the foundations of language and conversation by the end of primary school, so that, the students be able to interpret, read and write in French language, in an advanced level in different daily and scientific subjects.
Then the student's level will be improved in the preparatory and first years in secondary school, in which the emphasis will be on complex dialogues and difficult words. The student will finished his first language learning by 3rd primary, while starting to learn English language as second language according to the curriculum of the Ministry of Education.
In the 4th primary, the student have to study French language according to the curriculum of the Ministry of Education, in addition to his first language, whether being French in case of French section, or English in case of English section. The students and parents often have arguments on the importance of French as a first language, specially when they have basically French as a first language. Such subject is continued to be taught till High School.

The building of the school is consists of separate classes for KGs, administrative buildings and a large E-shaped building verticulary divided into three buildings, each of which contains an educational level or a group of classes as the lower half of letter E is a building specific for primary school, while the upper half is for preparatory and secondary school building.

The land of the school included buildings as well as separate football, basketball and handball courts, in addition to a track for horse ride and a nursery. There is also a wide area for shelters from raids and bombs during the Second World War. Besides, the main building contains a swimming pool in the middle of its roof. That pool is used for sport trainings and summer periods, as being a boarding school. The school, also, contains two libraries, an Arabic and French one, also a third library for the primary school provided to both languages.

Moreover, the boarding section was closed in the school after its nationalization. In 1980s, a part of the school's land, that contained a track for horse ride, has been turned into Yahya Rafeay School and El-Horreya Post Office, that has been named after the school.

Many Politicians, Champions, Actors and Athletics have been graduated from Lycée El-Horreya. One of the most famous graduates is Ali Maher, an Egyptian embassador in France, then a foreign minister in Egypt in 2001, and Rashad Mechail Dawood, the founder and the head of the department of Lycée El-Horreya graduates association in Mars El-Gedida. Other graduate is the Martyr Pilot Tarek Hamdi, who has been died in October War. The school's library is named after him in honor of his memory. Also, Layla Elwy has been graduated from the school, that Egypt actress. Likewise, Ashraf Ragah, a professor in Film Institute, Mohamed Fayez, a presenter in talk shows, a songwriter and script writer, Khaleed Ghandour, a former football player and an analyst, and finally Nasr Kamal, the Egyptian ambassador in France.

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