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Welcome to a new and exciting experience at Maharat S.U.P.E.R. Global British School of Egypt.  This “School Guide” is your guide for general School rules and system as well as our mission and vision.  Being fully aware of the contents of this guide is the first step for you and our students to be familiar with School rules and expectations, to further define each role (parent & student) in the educational process and to experience a positive year with the School.
In Maharat S.U.P.E.R Global the term education does not only refer to Academics; rather can be defined within 2 fundamental aspects: “Character Building” and “Academics”.  Both are addressed within the context of Maharat’s Global Wise Education Approach (explained in details in the coming pages.)  The main concern is to produce skilled and ethical people who are empowered and capable of making positive differences as well as able to contribute to the wellbeing of mankind. Thus, Maharat S.U.P.E.R Global is keen to ensure that high quality education in its broad term is being offered and appropriately delivered to its students.
Our aim is to meet our student’s needs and foster the mental, physical, spiritual and academic growth and development.  In helping our student develop a positive attitude towards school and learning environment, s/he will learn to accept responsibility, follow directions, work and play with others in a friendly manner, communicate effectively and solve problems in a positive way.
It is of primary importance for students to be aware of the education value in general to their lives and of Maharat’s values specifically. Their awareness is the key not only to enhance their sense of cooperation and belonging, but also it represents the medium through which the school’s vision is effectively transmitted.
Hence, students receive an Agenda Book/Link Book in the beginning of the year which serves as a valuable tool of communication with the School and a reference guide for students and parents.  It is extremely important that both parents and students understand the necessity of the Agenda/Link Book being utilized and brought to School on a daily basis as one of the materials necessary for success.  We encourage you to take the time with your child to read through the important information contained in the beginning of the book which includes standards of dress and behaviour, parent and student responsibilities and other useful information.
Ultimately, we need to emphasize the importance of having an on-going communication and interaction between the School, the Parents and the Students.  Our message to the parents is: Let’s work together to create and maintain a safe, secure, sportive, artistic, religious and successful learning environment.
Wishing you all a prosperous and a successful year.

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