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Top 10 Schools in Egypt

Are you looking for the best schools in Egypt? We have listed the top ranked schools in Egypt that are recognized as the top 10 schools based on several aspects.

Egypt has the largest overall education system in the Middle East and North Africa. Students who study in Egypt earn academic qualifications that are recognized in the Arab world. Cairo, the heart of the country and the capital of Egypt, has the largest number of educational institutions in the country which are overseen by the Ministry of Education with the support of World Bank, U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and various international organizations.

Finding the right school for your child is one of the major concerns for many families. This ranking provides accurate, unbiased information about the top ranked schools in Egypt so you can make your decision much easier. This ranking shows the leading schools that not only offer the syllabus in a welcoming and enriching environment, but also develop the personality and skills of the students and stand out with their perfect teaching staff. They deal with the students in a professional way considering their mental health and developing their skills to benefit the community.

Taking into consideration admission rate, graduation rate, teacher strength and knowledge, attention to safety, school activities, academic achievements and exam results, affordability, parents reviews, teachers assessments, teaching quality, use of technology and student behavior and discipline, the following schools have met all the above points and managed to excel in some more than others and outstrip numerous school all over the country.

1. Malvern College Egypt – MCE
Top 10 Schools in Egypt

Location: B2-B3 South Ring Road, Investment Zone, Katameya, Cairo.
Curriculum: British curriculum, GCSE and IGCSE curricula and from the age of 16, they offer the International Baccalaureate Program (IBDP).
Contact Info: E-mail: [email protected] , +20226144400, 19198 and they also respond to their website, Facebook and Instagram.

Malvern College Egypt (MCE) was founded in August 2016. MCE is one of the top and best IGCSE schools in Egypt. MCE is the first school in Egypt working in partnership with a leading British independent school: Malvern College UK. In May 2019 Malvern College Egypt became an IB World School, authorized to offer the IB Diploma Program to its pupils from September 2019. The application has involved a consultation process and the creation and review of a wide range of policies and documents as well as imbedding IBO values and ethos in the College curriculum. Alongside this achievement, Malvern College Egypt became a member of the British Schools of the Middle East (BSME).

Malvern College Egypt provides an interactive environment for its pupils, by combining traditional academic characteristics with innovation. Working in close ties with its mother school in the UK (MCUK), the College is able to offer the British national curriculum through its experienced British teachers, with adaptations made to cater for the local and international context. Malvernians achieve excellent examination results but also have a highly developed sense of social awareness and community service. The College’s outstanding campus facilities offer a variety of opportunities for creativity and personal growth, thus providing an extremely nurturing environment for any child.

2. Metropolitan International School – MET
Top 10 Schools in Egypt

Location: 7 Khaled Ibn El Waleed Street, First New Cairo, Cairo.
Curriculum: American curriculum.
Contact Info: E-mail: [email protected], (+2) 16489 and they respond to their website and Facebook.

Metropolitan is one of the best international schools in Egypt. The school offers a good curriculum, aiming for the students to be on a high educational level. Besides, their vision is to cultivate ethics and morals in the student to be able to accept the other and deal with the community. The school helps children to be the best on both educational and personal levels; MET international school believes that both levels complete each other.

Metropolitan International School (MET) was recently accredited by AdvancED which is an organization that inspects the quality assurance aspects of schools on a worldwide basis. This has propelled the school into being among the top schools in Egypt in a very short period of time. MET fosters a positive learning environment for students and is a great place to work. One of its main purposes is engaging in community service that encourages its students to think altruistically in order to achieve a better world for all. In the pursuit of learning how to be creative entrepreneurs, its students may well be on their way to achieving unparalleled success.

3. The British International School, Cairo – BISC
Top 10 Schools in Egypt

Location: Cairo-Alex Desert Road Km 38, Beverly Hills, 6th October City.
Curriculum: The national curriculum of England, GCSE and IGCSE curricula and IB Diploma.
Contact Info: E-mail: [email protected], and +202 3827 0444 and they respond to their website, Facebook and Instagram.

The British International School, Cairo (BISC) was established in 1976 and is one of Egypt's leading academic institutions. It is renowned for the quality of its education, the care it gives to its pupils and the sheer breadth of student achievement. BISC is a selective, co-educational day school committed to excellence in all of its activities. The School’s mission is to be a vibrant international community offering an outstanding British-style education, focused on independent learning and the promotion of global citizenship. BISC aims for the highest standards in their sporting and co-curricular activities. It provides a structured and challenging academic high standard education within a disciplined and supportive environment which enables students to develop into responsible men and women of integrity who can take their place confidently in a rapidly changing world. The School provides the best possible resources and facilities for teaching and learning.

BISC is accredited by the Council of British International Schools and the Independent Association of Preparatory Schools (IAPS). The school has all the facilities that make the students’ experience interesting and beneficial. BISC is an excellent option for your child if you are seeking a professional school administration and educational staff.

4. Cairo American College – CAC
Top 10 Schools in Egypt

Location: 1 Midan Degla, Maadi, Cairo.
Curriculum: American curriculum and from the age of 16, they offer the International Baccalaureate Program (IBDP).
Contact Info: Email: [email protected] , (202)-2755-5555 and they respond to their website and Facebook.

Cairo American College (CAC) was founded in 1945. CAC has a long-standing history of offering an exceptional American education experience in Egypt. It currently has 800 students enrolled from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade, representing more than 50 countries. Its diverse faculty brings with them many years of teaching experience, a global outlook, a genuine love for kids, and a desire to see students succeed. The school believes all students have the potential to become leaders. It emphasizes holistic learning and supports students as they discover their skills and passions.

CAC offers an American International education in a rich diverse community where students challenge themselves, discover their passions, and become global citizens of the world. It is keen on keeping the Egyptian identity of the students. They include Egypt’s culture and history in the educational process and keep up with the new teaching methods.

5. New Cairo British International School – NCBIS
Top 10 Schools in Egypt

Location: Road 17, 3rd zone, 5th settlement, New Cairo, Cairo.
Curriculum: British curriculum, GCSE and IGCSE curricula in year 10 and 11 and IB Diploma.
Contact Info: Email: [email protected], +20225657115, +20225657120 and they respond to their website and Facebook.

The New Cairo British International School (NCBIS) primary school is comprised of two streams; International and Dutch. Both streams follow the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program (PYP). Both streams teach their respective national curriculums for English / Dutch and Mathematics but apply the PYP pedagogical approach of inquiry based learning to these areas of the curriculum where possible. In each case, the school has adapted these curriculum requirements to its international setting to ensure its relevance to the student population.

The students work with the British National Curriculum as its framework whilst also integrating learning ideas that promote independent learning and strong research skills. Based on the University of Durham ‘Value Added’ scores, New Cairo British International School students on average achieve in the 90th percentile (better than 90% of their peers) on their examinations. NCBIS includes all the educational stages starting from primary to the secondary stage. This makes it a great option for families with kids of varying ages.

6. Maadi British International School – MBIS
Top 10 Schools in Egypt

Location: 4th District, Zahraa El Maadi, Cairo.
Curriculum: The national curriculum of England.
Contact Info: E-mail: [email protected], (0)225178288 and they respond to their website and Facebook.

Maadi British International School (MBIS) was established in 1995. It is the premier school of choice for expatriates in Cairo, Egypt. MBIS provides first class education for 320 children from over 40 nationalities (predominantly British) under the patronage of the British Ambassador. The school has excellent facilities including and all Maadi British International School teachers are UK trained.

The school offers a very attractive, well-resourced and stimulating learning environment that encourages students to explore, question, experiment, build confidence and acquire independence. At MBIS, students quickly identify themselves as enthusiastic and effective learners, fully developing their potentials within a framework of caring values and mutual respect. MBIS has a deserved reputation for the highest academic standards and a caring and inclusive approach to education.

7. Modern English School Cairo – MES
Top 10 Schools in Egypt

Location: South of the Police Academy, New Cairo, Cairo.
Curriculum: British and American curricula.
Contact Info: Email: [email protected], 19836 and they respond to their website and Facebook.

Modern English School Cairo was founded in October 1990. It is a fully accredited member of a number of reputable, professional organizations. Rigorous accreditation requirements are maintained with the British Schools in the Middle East (BSME), Council of British International Schools (COBIS), NESA, Middle East IB Association (MEIBA) and Cairo International Schools Association.

Modern English School Cairo is committed to excellence in education. The core business of Modern English School Cairo is fostering an environment where all students are given an opportunity to learn in a highly engaging learning environment that values individual growth, daily success, and positive relationships.

8. The International School of Choueifat – ISC
Top 10 Schools in Egypt

Location: Fifth Urban Community, New Cairo (main campus) and Dream Land, first 6th of October City (another campus).
Curriculum: SABIS curriculum.
Contact Info: Email: [email protected], +20 2 2542 8777 and they respond to their website and Facebook.

The International School of Choueifat ISC was founded in 1995. In its first year of operation, ISC had a student enrollment of 290 students, a number which reached 2,045 in the 2016/17 academic year. ISC is a highly academic, non-selective, co-educational, English-medium, independent day school catering for the individuals.
ISC provides top-quality education to children of different races, nationalities, and backgrounds. The school believes in adding more value to students to enable them to perform to the best of their abilities, be admitted to the most competitive universities, and be successful in their careers. The school develops students' academic competencies, learning techniques, interpersonal skills, and personalities in addition to instilling high ethical, moral, and civic values. The multicultural settings of the school help students develop a better understanding of world cultures.

9. American International School in Egypt – AISE
Top 10 Schools in Egypt

Location: 5th settlement, South of Police Academy, Katameya, Cairo (main campus) and Al Shabab Road, Giza Governorate (West Campus).
Curriculum: American curriculum and from the age of 16, they offer the International Baccalaureate Program (IBDP) or the American High School Diploma.
Contact Info: Email: [email protected], +226188400 and they respond to their website and Facebook.

The American school in Egypt AISE was established in 1990. It is one of the most pioneering schools in Egypt. The American International School (AISE) in Egypt is a member of the Educational Services Overseas Limited (ESOL) group. Its goal is to offer the students in the Middle East a good American education with high standards. The American diploma at AIS school in Cairo is authorized from the Egyptian Ministry of Education while its International Baccalaureate Program is accredited from the International Baccalaureate Organization in Geneva, Switzerland.
In partnership with the school community, the school aims to provide eligible students with a challenging American and International college preparatory education. The professional faculty strives to empower its students to become critical, independent thinkers with the skills to be dynamic participants in an ever-changing global society. It inspires the students to be lifelong learners who contribute positively to a diverse and changing world.

10. Modern American School of Egypt – MSE
Top 10 Schools in Egypt

Location: 5th Settlement, South Police Academy, New Cairo (main campus) and El Narges Buildings Service Center, New Cairo (new campus).
Contact Info: Email: [email protected], +225375301 and they respond to their website and Facebook.
Curriculum: American curriculum.

Modern American Schools of Egypt was founded in 2000. It is an American-accredited school of high education, focused on enhancing students’ creative, intellectual and educational life. It prepares its students for life challenges by involving them in activities that need critical thinking, self-discipline and great commitments. The school helps students build character and practice leadership through the school’s extracurricular activities. Its American curriculum ensures each student’s competence and educational excellence. The curriculum follows United States national standards and is designed to prepare students for entry into highly competitive colleges and universities. During every step of the students' academic journey, MSE strives to provide the finest American educational instruction while cultivating a passion for learning, a capacity for critical thinking and a sense of civic responsibility.

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