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Faculty of Law


The Faculty of Law at Ain Shams University was established in the year 1950 and opened its doors to receive students of the first division in the academic year 1950-1951, whose number reached 1276, then these students moved to the higher class. As soon as this class graduated in the year 1953-1954, the demand for the college increased, as the number of its students in the year 1953-1954 reached 6,429 students. Thus, it has become a major share in the field of law study. The members of the faculty were chosen at its establishment from among the faculty members at the University of Cairo and Alexandria, and their number at that time was eleven members. Then this number increased until it reached in the year 1999-2000 eighty-nine, and in the year 2010-2011- (113 members)

Faculty of Arts


Its nucleus was the literary section of the Higher Institute for Teachers and it was located in Shubra, then it was transferred to the College of Arts after its comprehensive development, then it moved to its current building in Saffron and bachelor's degrees, postgraduate diplomas, and master's and doctoral degrees.  The college is the first college in Egypt that established an independent department for Eastern languages to study the BA, and beyond in the Islamic and Semitic oriental languages and literature. It was also the first college to establish psychological and social studies on a modern basis.

Faculty of Science


The Faculty of Science was established by the issuance of a royal decree in July 1950 as part of "Ibrahim Pasha Al-Kabeer" University in Cairo, and in 1954 the name was changed to "Heliopolis University" and in September of the same year the name was changed to "Ain Shams" University, and the study began at the College Science in the Orman area of Giza Governorate, where some of the teachers’ institute students were registered in the new college at that time to represent the first nucleus of the college, and in 1951 the College of Science was moved to the area surrounding the current historic Saffron Palace, and the first batch was to obtain a Bachelor of Science degree in the year 1953. Foundational studies were established in the College of Science in seven departments, namely: pure mathematics and applied mathematics, chemistry, physics, geology, botany, zoology, and in 1956 the Department of Entomology was established, and in 1959 the Department of Biochemistry was established, and in 1983 The departments of pure mathematics and applied mathematics were included in the mathematics department, then the departments of geophysics and microbiology were established in 1993, bringing the number to ten scientific departments: Mathematics Department - Physics Department - Chemistry Department - Geology Department - Botany Department - Department Zoology: Department of Entomology - Department of Biochemistry - Department of Geophysics - Department of Microbiology, and the student graduates in the college either in one major (single) or two majors (double). The college’s bylaw has been developed, where the study has been applied in the credit hour system to include new specializations in the different departments. At the present time, the college has a number of new programs (with fees) to obtain a bachelor’s degree in applied specializations to keep pace with the need of the labor market, which are programs of petroleum geophysics, applied biotechnology, nanoscience and materials, applied and analytical microbiology.

Faculty of Women


Faculty of Women for Arts, Sciences and Education is an edifice unique to Ain Shams University, as it combines the disciplines of arts and sciences, education, primary education, childhood studies and home economics. Its the first for the girls in Egypt. Faculty dates back to the academic year 1933/1934; Where the "Higher Education Institute for Female Teachers" was established, which was annexed in 1950 to Ain Shams University. With the issuance of the universities' organization in 1956 AD, the institute was changed to " Faculty of Women ". In 1994, the Supreme Council of Universities issued a decision that called the College of Girls to be Faculty of Women for Literature, Science and Education". Faculty of Women for Arts, Sciences and Education, since its inception, has been based on a clear philosophy, vision, a scientific issue, a medical issue with a civilized dimension, and whoever considers opening the space for the student, to obtain a distinguished academic education, in addition to fully practicing sports, social and cultural activities, and a conscious start &. The credit for establishing the college and laying its foundations goes back to the first generation, beginning with Prof. Dr. Asmaa Fahmy, and passing through to the professors, deans of the college, who contributed to the completion of the college’s development, in order to achieve a civilizational renaissance.

Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences


Established by Republican Decree No. 419 of 1995 and the study began in September 1996, the College of Computers and Information awards a bachelor’s degree in computer systems, scientific computations, bioinformatics, software engineering, artificial intelligence, digital multimedia, and cybersecurity. This is in addition to the presence of many interdisciplinary disciplines, as the study in the departments of computer science, information systems, computer systems and scientific computations constitute academic tracks that engage within the broad path of information science.

Faculty of Education


In 1929, the Institute of Higher Education for Teachers was established. With the aim of preparing teachers for public education schools, and working for the institute to be a center for scientific research in matters of education and psychological study of children, and to be a tool for disseminating modern ideas about education among educators. In September 1956 AD, a special law was issued to organize Egyptian universities, then in the same month a presidential decree was issued stating: “The College of Education should be one of the colleges affiliated with Ain Shams University. At the end of 1970 AD, the Teachers College was included in the College of Education, Ain Shams University, and similar to that, most of the Faculties of Education were established in Egypt. It is worth noting that the College of Education emerged as an institution specializing in teacher preparation. Since that time, the college’s tasks have been identified in preparing and qualifying students to practice the teaching profession, for the high school campaign (the integrated system), for university graduates, and those of their level (the consecutive system), and for preparing specialists and leaders in various aspects of this profession, with attention to conducting scientific research on issues Education, and publishing the results of that research, in addition to the renewal of thought and the promotion of culture, and the College of Education now consists of 17 departments.

Faculty of Engineering


Faculty of Engineering was established with the establishment of the university in 1950 by transforming the Higher Institute of Engineering into a college and is working on preparing a graduate who is able to keep pace with technological development in various disciplines to meet the needs of the local and regional market

Faculty of Dentistry


The study began at Faculty of Dentistry in 1995, the Fauclty is committed to preparing a dentist committed to human values and professional ethics with high cognitive and professional skills capable of local and regional competition, and for the college to have a leading role in clinical and academic scientific research and to provide a community service that meets national needs.

Faculty of Pharmacy


The study began at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Ain Shams University in 1995, the college adopts innovation and qualifies pharmacists with professional skills and ethical values by providing competency-based educational programs to enhance competition in the labor market, scientific research and community service.

Faculty of Medicine


Ain Shams College of Medicine was established in 1947 and was affiliated with Cairo University, then it moved to Ain Shams University upon its founding in 1950. The Faculty prepares a trained doctor with competitive skill at the local and regional level, able to teach, learn and train for life and is committed to the standards of medical service and ethics The Faculty supports the continuous development of programs and courses and scientific research while keen to expand applied scientific research and health care programs to serve the needs of society and develop the environment.

Faculty of Archaeology


تبدا الدرسه بكلية الآثار بالعام الدراسي 2021/2022 بعد تحويل معهد "الدراسات العليا للبردي والنقوش وفنون الترميم إلي كلية للآثار تابعة لجامعة عين شمس ليكون الهدف منها اعداد خريج متميز في مجال الآثار قادر على العمل في المواقع والمتاحف الآثرية المتخصصة في مجال الآثار في العصور المختلفة من أجل دراستها وصيانتها والحفاظ عليها من خلال البحث العلمي ودعم المشاريع البحثية والشراكات الدولية التي تسهم في تحقيق التميز العلمي في مصر ومحيطها الإقليمي والدولي بما يخدم المجتمع ويحافظ على قيمه

Institute of Agricultural Research in Arid Lands


Institute of Agricultural Research in Arid Lands seeks to become a pioneering and recognized model for higher technological education at the local, regional and global levels, through the distinction of its educational and research outputs, community services and its role in development in the fields of seeking to achieve a comprehensive economic and social renaissance based on knowledge for a dynamic agricultural sector Capable of sustainable rapid growth and serving the purposes of scientific research, training and development locally, regionally and globally in arid regions.

Faculty of Specific Education


Established in 1988 as an educational, research and governmental service institution to prepare a teacher, specialist and researcher in general and special needs specialties, through educational, academic, professional and ethical qualification in accordance with national standards to ensure the ability to innovate, creativity, competition and improve the quality of scientific research in a way that serves the qualitative disciplines and the knowledge society

Institute for Environmental Studies and Research


Institute for Environmental Studies and Research was established in 1982 with the aim of studying and researching environmental problems of a local, regional and global nature through studies and scientific and applied environmental research and preparing specialized research and professional cadres qualified to meet the need for environmental work and community service and work on developing and sustaining resources and building partnerships with various institutions concerned with scientific research

Faculty of Graduate Studies for Childhood


It was established in 1982 and is the only one on the Arab level for this specialization. Faculty of Graduate Studies for Childhood is committed to providing educational and training programs in accordance with the standards of quality and accreditation, to prepare , skilled, ethical and specialized cadres in the medical, psychological, and media fields for children, to advance scientific research by providing A stimulating environment for learning, research and innovation

Faculty of Agricultural


It started as an agricultural institute in 1942 in Shebin al-Kom and was annexed to the university in 1950 and moved to its current location in Shubra al-Khaimah (Muhammad Ali Palace) in 1963. The Faculty includes 15 departments and seeks to become one of the distinguished and recognized academic institutions at the regional level in the fields of agricultural sciences, educationally, research, and socially, to face Current and future challenges with continuous development and sustainable development

Faculty of Nursing


It was established as a higher institute of nursing at Ain Shams University in 1980, and in 2000 it was transformed into a Faculty of nursing  . The Faculty strives to maintain excellence in academic nursing education at the local level and to reach regional and global distinction It aims to prepare distinguished nursing cadres scientifically, skillfully and administratively who are able to provide comprehensive nursing care to the individual, family, society and effective competition in the local and regional labor market through distinguished programs and to create an educational and research environment that contributes to the development of the nursing profession, community service and environmental development.

Faculty of Business


The College of Commerce was established in 1950. The study at Faculty of Business is in three languages, Arabic, English and French, and it grants a bachelor’s degree in business administration and accounting

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