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Akhnaton Egyptian Language School This institution has not verified its data

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Founded:2002 Curriculum:Egyptian,British
Number of Students: Number of Staff: Gender:Mixed Website: Apply for Admissions

AELS: Is named after the ancient Egyptian King Akhnaton who was a very famous character in the Egyptian history. So, we think it is logical to give you a global idea about AELS. AELS: Is located in the heart of New Cairo City serving upper class Egyptians. It is presently comprised of two divisions, the National School and the American school. The school plans to add a British I.G. Division. The National School Was established in the year 2002, where as the American school was established in the year 2004. The ownership of AELS is committed to excellence. The school owners are so keen on providing excellent education and facilities. To sum up, the school has operated successfully for a time that is sufficient to demonstrate its educational and operational continuity, stability and reliability. Besides, it is abided by legal and ethical business and educational practices.

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